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As your lease nears the end of its term, it is time to choose which lease-end option you want to go with. At Janesville Subaru, you can choose between returning your current lease, walking away, or purchasing your leased vehicle. Whatever lease-end option you choose, the expert team of finance experts will ensure the process is uncomplicated and stress-free. Continue reading to learn more about lease-return options at Janesville Subaru. If you have any questions, contact Janesville Subaru, or visit our dealership located at 3519 Ryan Road, Janesville, WI, 53545.

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Subaru Lease-End Overview

As your Subaru lease comes to an end, you can choose from a variety of lease-end options. Whether you would prefer trading in your lease for a new model, purchasing your lease, extending your lease, or simply returning your lease and walking away, you can find the exact lease-return option you want. At Janesville Subaru, you may also be able to end your lease or trade in your leased vehicle early if you plan on getting a new Subaru! When you choose to purchase or lease, you will unlock a range of benefits and incentives that will maximize your savings!

Return Your Lease

Returning your leased Subaru vehicle is easy! Whether you choose to return and walk away or get behind the wheel of a new Subaru, the lease-return process is simple. When you choose to lease or purchase a new Subaru, you will even enjoy loyalty perks and pre-approved financing! As you near the end of your Subaru lease, you should prepare by completing the following steps:

  • Use the Subaru Wear and Use Guide to identify potential lease-end wear charges.
  • Make any necessary repairs to avoid charges.
  • Schedule your complimentary pre-inspection, at least 45 days before your turn-in date.
  • Review your online condition report about 24 hours after your appointment.
  • Pay any excess wear and use charges on your final Lease-End Bill.
  • Make an appointment to return your lease at Janesville Subaru.

Buy Your Lease

If you aren’t ready to part ways with your current lease, you can buy your current Subaru lease! Purchasing your Subaru lease is simple, and you can even unlock special incentives and savings! When you purchase your leased Subaru, you will be paying for a pre-owned vehicle, helping you to unlock the best price available!


When you choose to finance a Subaru, you will take out a loan amount to cover the cost of the vehicle and make monthly payments to pay off the loan. When you choose to finance, you will not only enjoy the impressive features that come with a new Subaru model but also a comprehensive warranty and exclusive ownership benefits! If you are looking for a long-term investment and have the money to invest, financing is a great option! Monthly payments will be determined by the price of the Subaru, how much you put down, any trade-in value, interest rates, and the length of your loan term. Benefits of buying a Subaru include:

  • Less cost long term.
  • Option to sell whenever you want to.
  • No mileage limitations.
  • Option to customize.


Leasing a vehicle is similar to renting. You choose a term option and pay each month, and then return it once the lease term ends. The amount you pay for your Subaru lease is determined by the amount of depreciation that occurs during the term. Depending on your preferences, Subaru leases can last from 24 to 48 months and can have yearly mileage limits from 10,000 to 15,000 miles. When you lease a Subaru, you will always have access to the latest performance, design, and technology. If you like getting a new vehicle every few years, leasing a Subaru might be a great option for you. Benefits of leasing include:

  • Lower monthly payments.
  • Lower down payment.
  • Fewer repair costs.
  • New vehicle every 2 to 4 years.

Visit Janesville Subaru Today

Whether you would prefer to lease or finance your next vehicle, Janesville Subaru will offer uncomplicated guidance and assistance through the process. At our Subaru dealership, we are committed to providing Janesville drivers with a premium car buying experience, with support long into ownership. Visit us today for a test drive and explore our selection of new Subaru models, certified pre-owned Subarus, and used vehicles.

Leasing and Financing FAQs

Financing allows you to borrow money to buy your Subaru whereas with leasing you don’t own it but rather rent it for 2-3 years.

Leasing affords you more financial freedom and less of a commitment, leases also come equipped with warranty coverage, the latest technology, and stylings, and offer possible loyalty incentives.

If you’re leasing your current Subaru through Subaru Motors Finance, the Subaru of America Lease Loyalty Program could bring you more savings on your next Subaru lease. Under the Lease Loyalty Program, Subaru of America will make the first monthly payment on your new Subaru up to $500 when leased through Subaru Motors Finance. In addition, whether you lease or purchase through Subaru Motors Finance, Subaru of America will pay any disposition fee owed on your current leased Subaru as well as up to $200 for key replacement and $300 for tire replacement.

  • Lease a new Subaru
  • Purchase Current Subaru
  • Extend your Lease
  • Return your Lease
  1. Scheduling your inspection
  2. Review and make possible repairs
  3. Make an appointment at a dealer
  4. Complete a federal odometer/lease termination statement
  5. Pay any lease liability fees/charges
  6. Pay any additional charges

Yes, you can purchase your leased vehicle at any time during the lease. Contact us for forms, instructions, and the payoff amount. We cannot accept payoffs from third parties (such as friends and family). If a retailer would like to purchase your vehicle, they will need to contact us directly for the retailer payoff amount. Please note that even after you terminate your lease, you may be billed for remaining property taxes, parking tickets, toll charges, and other state or local fees due on your account.

We want you to feel comfortable with the lease-end process and any charges incurred at vehicle turn-in. Wear and use is outlined in your Lease Agreement as follows:

  • Holes, tears, burns, stains, strong odors, or excessively worn areas in the carpet, other interior surfaces, or convertible top.
  • Scratches, chips, dents, pits, rust, holes or cracks in the wheels or exterior surfaces, windshield or other glass surfaces, or metal work.
  • Cracked, broken, or missing windows, doors, lights, trim, mirrors, or antennae.
  • Missing, damaged, or nonworking mechanical equipment, safety or emissions control equipment, electrical or other parts or accessories.
  • Damage to the vehicle's frame or alignment.
  • Damage due to improper, poor quality, or incomplete repairs or paintwork. You also will remain liable to us for the full cost of any such items resulting from intentional or willful abuse or misuse.
  • Any wear and use related to tires. The tire tread must be at least 1/8” (4/32”) at the lowest point and may not contain any other damages. Also, make sure that all tires match and are of comparable quality to the original equipment, and remove snow tires before your pre-inspection. Other items may be excluded as set forth in the Lease Agreement.
  • Any missing manuals or missing or nonworking keys or remote entry devices.

No, the pre-inspection is optional. See Wear and Use for additional information.



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